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CGI Featured Film Rendering 3D Models Production Pipeline

We have established an Offline Rendering production pipeline to deliver our clients prenium AAA quality, 3d models for CGI Featured Films and Entertainment Industry, Architectural Visualization (Arch-Viz), Shortfilms and Commersials for any purpose it may serve better to our clients.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightMultiple output formats for textures and 3d meshes to support most renderers out there.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUltra high quality textures and up to 16K resolution.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUsing UDIMs UV Packing on our 3d models for extra tiny micro details and optimization on large texture resolutions.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightClean quad mesh topology for using any subdivision on top of them.

Some of the Software we are using in our studio, on our projects.

3D Studio Max Maya Blender Cry Engine Mari Marvelous Designer Photoscan Photoshop SpeedTree Substance Designer Substance Painter Marmoset Toolbag Unity Unreal Engine 4 Worldmachine Zbrush