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PBR Real-time Rendering 3D Models Production Pipeline

We have established a real-time pbr rendering production pipeline to deliver our clients prenium AAA quality, 3d models for Video Games, Architectural Visualization (Arch-Viz), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality(MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to suit their needs. Mostly our production workflow for the above categories is similar due to all, they are using real-time graphics based on some game engine like Unreal Engine, Unity , CryEngine etc. or any Inhouse Game Engine. The major difference comes to the constraints and limitations of each medium. When it comes to real-time graphics our main goal is to create an awesome looking 3d models with great optimization to run smoothly. We are able to achieve that by constant communication and feedback from our clients at each 3d asset production stage, to determine the needs and any technical constraints or limitation. So we can assure at the final iteration to be top AAA quality and meet our clients expectations.

Some of the Software we are using in our studio, on our projects.

3D Studio Max Maya Blender Cry Engine Mari Marvelous Designer Photoscan Photoshop SpeedTree Substance Designer Substance Painter Marmoset Toolbag Unity Unreal Engine 4 Worldmachine Zbrush